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River Rock

Over centuries, running water has shaped River Rock to a smooth rounded surface. Available in an array of shades, shapes and sizes, they are an excellent complement to walkways, rock gardens and water features. River Rock is also ideal for drainage purposes.


  • Pea gravel is used for landscaping or drainage and also in playgrounds. 

  • 7/8 Washed River rock is used for landscaping, drainage and water features 

  • 1" to 1 1/2" Washed River Rock for landscaping, drainage and water features 

  • 3" to 12" Large washed river rock used for natural creek bed effect. 

  • Rainbow Rock Available in 7/8”, 1 ½”, and 3-6” and is used for landscaping and water features.
    Also available in 5 Gallon buckets (bucket not provided)


7/8" Washed Rock
7/8" Rainbow Rock
1 1/2" Washed Rock
1 1/2" Rainbow Rock
1" - 4" River Rock
3" to 6" Rainbow Rock
5" - 15" River Rock
Pea Gravel
*Product not washed*
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